Touch VPN: Benefits and Features

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By studying the Touch VPN review and user reviews, who have already managed to download for free and test the service, you can get an impression of its advantages and disadvantages.

Benefits of Touch VPN

  • the simple management console, it will not cause questions and difficulties;
  • high data transfer rate, it reaches 50 Mbps;
  • a large list of servers, they are located in Europe, Australia, South America, you can choose any IP address;
  • there is a Touch VPN in Russian, a Russian-language interface is developed;
  • the service declares that it provides maximum user privacy;
  • the free version is free, there is no trial period;
  • the mobile version consumes a small amount of traffic;
  • the service declares that there are no restrictions on traffic and speed.

Disadvantages of Touch VPN

  • the application is not a full-fledged Virtual Private Network, it offers proxy functionality, allowing you to bypass site blocking;
  • free service is compensated by a large amount of advertising;
  • the mobile version creates large loads on the device‚Äôs battery;
  • a low level of popularity, even in the Touch VPN free version, which leads to refusals from regular updates and a low level of technical support. Now version 1.4.11 is relevant, but after its last update, users began to note that the option to choose the country in which the server is located has disappeared;
  • There are reviews that Touch VPN does not work, there are application failures due to incompatibility with other software products. Failures are especially common if you download Touch VPN to a computer from unauthorized resources;
  • the extension requires too much independence, asks for permission to “communicate with interacting native applications” and exit the browser to interact with other processes.

Installation Overview and Setup

The application will be very easy to install. Download Touch VPN on Android in seconds. The application in the paid and free versions can be downloaded from the Google Store, the cost of an advanced solution will be $ 29.99 per year.

Its store score is 4.4, and there are over a million downloads. On the developer’s site, you can also download Touch VPN for Android for free, you will need an OS version of at least 4.0.3. There, just by clicking the Download Touch VPN button, you can download browser versions.

After installing the Touch VPN apk file, no configuration is required, you just need to select a country. With further work, attention is drawn to the ability to add individual sites to exceptions.

Overall rating

A simple interface and a minimum of technical requirements make the program accessible for beginners. There are light and dark design model, “go to the dark side” can also be done with the click of a button. The extension can be turned off without deletion, while data will be transmitted over insecure protocols. Also on a mobile device, the application automatically stops working when the screen is off, this allows you to control the flow of traffic. When working in an open and insecure Wi-Fi network, the application will remind the user of the need to activate it.

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