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Nord VPN in the rating of VPN services especially recommended for those who need increased security and anonymity in the network. The most powerful encryption algorithms, Double VPN, VPN + TOR and other technologies for complete privacy. As well as separate servers for games, file transfer, video, as well as for absolute protection. Useful applications, a wide range of additional functions.

NordVPN is positioned as a service with maximum protection, encryption, and anonymity. Such technology does not offer any other service ? also, users like separate dedicated servers for games, video and file sharing. Nord VPN has consistently ranked in the TOP-3 in a variety of reviews and ratings.

Key Features Nord VPN 2018

The company offers access to nearly 4,000 servers on all continents, improves applications and tries to provide more and more services to its customers.

Application platforms: Win, Mac, Android, IOS

Supported platforms: Win, Mac, Android, IOS, Chrome OS, Linux, Windows Phone, open source, and branded routers

Supported protocols: L2TP / IPSec, OpenVPN, IKEv2, PPTP, SSTP

Number of countries: 62

Registration country: Panama

Payment options: Credit Card, PayPal, Bitcoin, UnionPay, Alipay

Do you need personal data for registration: No

Encryption Protocol: AES-256

Traffic: Unlimited

Channel: Unlimited

Simultaneously connected devices: 6

Customer support: online chat and email

The main feature – protection, and anonymity

In addition to military-grade encryption, which is used by default, Nord VPN offers Double VPN, which means that when you connect to the NordVPN server, all of your traffic is then routed through a second VPN server before going online. Data is encrypted not once, but twice. Also, there is a TOR service via VPN.

The kill switch function terminates the internet connection when the connection to the VPN server becomes unstable, and this protects the user’s anonymity.

No logs are kept, user activity is not recorded.

This is a safe and reliable service.

NordVPN is registered in Panama and is owned by a holding company called Telecom SA.

NordVPN has offered client programs for PCs running Windows, Macs, as well as for phones and tablets iOS and Android. Chromebooks, Linux, and routers (both open-source and proprietary) can be configured manually, and there are detailed instructions on the site. You can also use OpenVPN open source client software on platforms that support it, including Raspberry Pi.

In October 2017, NordVPN added the Chrome extension, which allows subscribers to run all Chrome browser traffic through an encrypted proxy. It’s not a VPN, but it’s a quick and painless way to get around geolocation, say, on the BBC website, to watch your favorite TV shows online.

NordVPN allows you to automatically start it when the system boots, and there are no restrictions on bandwidth or traffic.


The user interface of NordVPN is pleasant and straightforward, designed in the same strength for a desktop and mobile application. Instead of displaying a list of connection points, Nord VPN displays a visual map with buttons showing each country where it has servers.

Just click on the nearest server, or let NordVPN choose the fastest connection. As of April 2018, the company had 3,600 connection points in 62 countries.


Data transfer rates can be called rather average. Losses in some cases amount to about 30% of the gear without a VPN. But even with a long connection, connection breaks are infrequent.

The NordVPN software is installed in 5 minutes, and the service supports up to six simultaneous connections.

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