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ExpressVPN is very easy to use. Registration on the ExpressVPN service takes a few minutes. All you need to do is choose a payment plan (which we will discuss later), enter an e-mail, and add billing information. There are no thousands of questions, only 1, 2, 3 and ready. You can use ExpressVPN on your computer, smartphone, and tablet. There are three connections in the subscription, so if you have many devices, you will stay in a big plus. Compared with other VPN services, this one asks for a username and password, every time you use their software, all you need to do enter the activation code (which you will receive by registering and downloading ExpressVPN), and you can use it.  

VPN location

The ability to choose a variety of server locations in different countries is a big part of what a VPN does. It’s not wrong to have 100 VPN server location options, but if they are all in the US, there are not that many of them. Fortunately, you won’t have such a problem with ExpressVPN. ExpressVPN has about 148 (and this number is growing) servers in 94 countries. Compared to other VPN services, this is quite a bit. For 99% of VPN users, 148 server locations in 94 countries are more than enough for your needs.


If we are talking about the price, then VPNs have an advantage over ExpressVPN. A subscription for a month of ExpressVPN service will cost you $ 12.95, the price for other services from $ 2 to $ 5 per month subscription. You can save money by buying a 6-month subscription for $ 59.95 ($ 9.99 a month) or a subscription to 15 months for $ 99.95 ($ 6.67 per month).


In addition to speed and ease of use, privacy is perhaps the most critical aspect of a VPN. Without proper privacy control, information about your activity may be passed on to third parties, and you may not even know about it; That is why it is always necessary to thoroughly examine all the information about the service. For people downloading movies for free, without using such services, this means receiving a message from an Internet provider about copyright infringement. And for those who use VPN services to watch Netflix in other countries, the only difference will be whether they have an account or are blocked. Fortunately, ExpressVPN is protected by 256-bit encryption, so your data is protected from hackers. Also, ExpressVPN does not collect your data without your consent, but if you have given your consent, then all this information is anonymous so that no one can track you through it.


If we talk about the speed of the service ExpressVPN, then it is just fantastic. When you first use a VPN, you will often notice that your Internet has become slower; loading time increased. This is one of the tradeoffs you need to go with a VPN, but with ExpressVPN you will feel a difference compared to other services. It?s natural that your device will work slower when downloading any files3, but this will happen regardless of whether you use a VPN or not. But even under such conditions, ExpressVPN will still be able to check emails or access Facebook with minimal speed reduction. Of course, you will be limited by the speed of the network to which you are connected, but again, you can always think of something and improve it. Is ExpressVPN the fastest VPN on the market? Not having done a review on every existing VPN is difficult to answer. But, based on the performance review of Express VPN, we can say that it is swift.

Customer support

Having a responsible and friendly staff, ExpressVPN has an excellent rating on customer support. If you have any problems with the service, you can chat in online chat with customer support representatives day and night to help you solve any problem with the service. There are alternative options to contact customer support if online chat did not help you or not available, you can contact them by email, or through the request form, the response usually takes no more than a couple of hours. Unlike other VPNs, which sometimes do not even have a support service, ExpressVPN against the background of such services stands out for its customer care.

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